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Buyer not responding to the project

Hello dear Fiverr community,

I’ll appricate any idea from you. Here is my issue:

We agreed on the project with the buyer 1 week ago and I started working on it. The project period was for a week. On the second day I finished 80% of the project and I asked buyer how to proceed. I provided him all the documents and information. I needed his opinions to further continue the work. I worked on the project nearly 20 hours, therefore I don’t want to cancel the order.

After my message he never replied me in 4 days. 2 days ago I sent an extension period request, saying I need him to reply me and the submission date is coming and we need to extend the period. No anwser. Today I sent him another notification message if he still doesn’t reply within 3 hours I need to deliver the project. He never replied until now that the due is withing half an hour. So I delievered the project. I told him I’ll happily further make changes for him if he needs help after the delivery.

He seems online but not answering me, which is breaking my heart. :frowning: I was super excited with my first gig.

What shall I do?

Thanks in advance.


You did the right thing, You gave delivery. Lets wait for his query. Nothing to do from your side unless he/she respond. Just stay quite and wait for response. Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:


Make sure you’ve done the work according to the requirement or whatever you agreed upon discussion. Then if you’ve done anything for which you need to access to any system by credentials which provided by client then after completing the work make a video that your work is done otherwise client may change the credentials and you won’t be able to prove that you’ve worked.

If client make any dispute then contact customer support with your proofs.

Regards :slightly_smiling_face:


Submit the work so far, click deliver. And see if he accepts… if not let it expire (upon delivery 3 days).
Leave a note to him (delivery and state that it might be incomplete but it is because he has been unresponsive), telling him that you will be happy to follow up in the future if need be.

The reason for stating that in writing is… in the event of having to go through dispute.

Seems like you have done just that. :joy:


I’ve been a fiverr for a long time. Many of my accounts have been canceled before. But the only sad thing is that I did not get any order in the market place. I have been doing this privately for many years. I like Fiver a lot. I want to be with him every moment. Working is my addiction.

So I will wait for some of your suggestions
thank you


I think you did right. You was try to properly complete this project. due to not getting buyer response you did not properly complete the order. if buyer again place you order then you can complete.

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Thank you for all answers.

You just deliver your order with full process between you & buyer. wait for him/her response. if you will get no reply after 3 days your deliver automatically complete. i faced same issue last week. my order completed after 3 days. happy freelancing.

I don’t understand what you mean. Could you please explain me what to do to show proof of my work?

i think he said about proof ( massage screenshot & Work Screenshot) when support will tell you about delivery without complete process then you will give those proof to support. i think so.

Just make a proof that your work is done according to the requirements. I mean in my reply that if you’ve worked in a system which is only accessible to credentials and not public to show any 3rd party then just make video that you’ve done the work according the requirement like if you’ve made a plugin which only works in a website’s backend so just make a video that how the plugin works then if client refuse to access the delivery then contact with customer support with the requirement and proof video.

I hope you understand :slightly_smiling_face:


So Sad bro… Its really unexpected matter…

My buyer is also not replying to any of my messages… I finished up the project and delivered 3 days earlier than mentioned. Before that, I shared all the work with her and ask her thoughts and if any changes needed, I will be happy to do it… 5% of the project was left as I need her to verify something for me to go further. I messaged her but she is not even responding to that… Considering her ignorance, I delivered the project… What should I do?

Initially congrats on your delivery. :slight_smile: According to my experience you did the right thing. You can wait and see buyer’s response. If there is any further small changes you can help her maybe. Other than that it should be fine, maybe she will be ok with current situation too.

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Thanks @naz_architect… At last, I got the reply. My client apologized for the delay in responding and she is happy with my work with a minor change. Which I have delivered it…