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Buyer not responding .What to do?

I Have delivered an order but buyer not respond yet. May I send message?


If you have delivered the order buyer should response within three days if buyer not respond Fiverr will automatically mark complete order. You can also message to buyer no issue.

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This is the main problem in FIVERR. Buyer does not respond timely & even does not accept the order. Don’t worry Fiverr will automatically mark your order complete after 14 days. You can send message to the buyer requesting to approve your work timely.

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If your client do not respond in 3 days your order will mark as complete automatically.

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Thanks everyone. Can buyer request revision or cancel order after auto completion?

If you are confident that you have delivered the work then do not send a message.

While some people think it is polite for buyers to say “thank you” - some buyers simply choose not to communicate. It is their choice. Maybe the buyer is busy, maybe their level of English is not good enough, maybe they are just rude. But the important thing for you to remember is that they have chosen not to communicate. If you chase them asking why they haven’t responded you are likely to annoy them. A buyer who is annoyed is more likely to leave poor feedback.


thanks . but can buyer cancel or ask for review after completion of order?