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Buyer not responding.......what to do?

Hello every one…I need suggestions and opinions from all of you…I post it in this category because I thought your suggestions will be helpful to so many other sellers like me, who have no idea what to do in such situation…

On 12th September, I got one order to design a express delivery video intro…Buyer has mentioned only one line “What do you need from me?” I replied back within 4/5 hours…But the buyer never replied back…I even did 2/3 followup messages also…I can see the buyer coming online many times but no reply…I could not design any thing because I have no information about the buyer…

I its been a week till then and order is showing as very late…I have no idea what should I do in such situations…

I am about to reach level 2 (more than 50 orders already), but still not getting it…I thought may be this could be the reason…

If I cancel the order will it have any negative impact on my cancellation rate and profile?

Please help me with your valuable advice what should I do? I have no idea how to contact fiverr support team…:frowning:


If you have received no contact from the buyer then you should have initiated a mutual cancellation before the timer on the gig ran out.

I generally give the customer 24-48 hours to respond to me and nudge them a couple of times to get their attention. If I have no response, I initiate a mutual cancellation and choose the reason “Buyer Unresponsive” as they failed to respond to me.

This you can do now and hope the buyer simple accepts the mutual cancellation which will end the sale mutually. However, as you let it go late it has already negatively impacted your account but If you leave it as is without offering a mutual cancellation, the buyer can return at any time and cancel from his side which will leave you an automatic negative review.

This isn’t a matter for Fiverr support so contacting them would be unwarranted. However, for future reference, you can contact support via

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Hi friend. Try contacting fiverr via twitter or facebook. I did and they replied quite fast


Unfortunately this situation does happen from time to time! It’s my policy to always assume that the buyer has a genuinely good reason for being unresponsive - maybe they’re new to Fiverr and ordered by mistake… it happens!

I would send a friendly warning that if no information is received you will have to cancel the order. If they remain unresponsive after 24 hours then go ahead and cancel. It might have a little negative impact but at this point, it will probably be the least worst scenario. The longer you leave it, the worse the impact could be.

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I think you should use the DM function. I have spoken to 3 other sellers on here and all of us are having issues with not getting notifications. I just lost a HUGE order because I had no idea that I even had it until after it got cancelled. I have written support several times. One of the other sellers has as well…its very hard to keep a business going when the software doesn’t work.

You should contact Fiverr customer support center. This will be helpful for you.

Reply to @smork: why cancle it ? why not just submit as completed this pauses the time, when the guy comes back he can accept or just resume work again simple no problems tested from start to end. no need to cancle

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Reply to @smork: Thanks a lot for the advice…I just send a cancellation request…
I have another doubt…If I raise a cancellation request due to no response from buyer, wont it create any negative impact on my cancellation rate?

Reply to @ilovecustomers: Just a idea…If I do so, the customer can go back to fiverr team saying that I have cheated on him as I have taken the money but not delivered anything…Isn’t there a possibility of this kind of situation?

Reply to @rightway: Yes, there is. Sending an empty delivery is strictly forbidden.

Reply to @suzanshad: Hay…thanks for for the suggestion…I will try this out

Reply to @nicktribedesign: Yup thats true…there may be multiple reason from buyers side…But we should also be in safer side…


What should do if customer not replying back after the delivery, as client suppose to do some modifications but not giving the corrections. Instead of marking the order complete client is giving the revisions with no any corrections/information ?

Really Stucked in this situation


I am facing this same problem too…I’ve completed the order and placed it.But the buyer isn’t responding…

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No point in replying to very old posts. If you want help it is best to create your own post.


Don’t Worry Once the buyer come online will check your delivery