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Buyer not response admin site is not allowing me to login

I am making a buyer’s WordPress website about tour and hotel booking website at 7 days delivery today 6 days. Customization is almost over.

Now his admin site is not allowing me to login , maybe he has changed the password. What can I do now? I gave regular job updates, sent ss but he didn’t answer. Can he cancel the delivery??? Because I’m about 80% done. if he doesn’t respond, will I give delivery?

This is that gig --------------------------

These can’t both be true, unless you intentionally delivered incomplete work (which is against the ToS).

It’s entirely possible that the Buyer might cancel, because you’ve broken the rules.

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Thank You For Your Reply. He has not responded since he was hired, I have informed him all the time about the job, I have made the website according to his link. He would inform me if he felt any change or problem. Its 100% truth mem.