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Buyer not response with me

last day i got one order. i give the order completed time. the buyer give no response. what can i do now please give me some suggestion.

thank you
Abdur rahman


As you completed your delivery, you can just inbox him and say, I have delivered the project. if you want any modification inbox me first or you have a revision option

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You just delivery now.

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Once you have delivered your order, you don’t need to do anything. Likewise, nor does the buyer have to do anything. If the buyer chooses to, they might leave feedback (but they do not have to), or they might send you a message saying “thanks” - or, they might request a revision - or in the worst case, they might request a cancellation if the work wasn’t carried in the agreed way.

However, the worst thing you can do is to chase your buyer. If you read the forums, many sellers have received warnings for asking for feedback - and some have been blocked / had messages marked as spam for making contact after delivering work. Good luck!


thank you for good information.

thanks for your suggest

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