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Buyer Not Responsive

What do you do when a Buyer places an order but gives you very little information to complete it? Every other hour I have contacted the Buyer requesting more information. They have not responded. My Delivery time is coming up really soon and I have nothing to deliver. I don’t want my ratings to fall. I take pride in and love what I do and treat everyone fairly. Any suggestions? What can I do?

  1. you can cancel the order
  2. you can deliver the order with some thing like this message. hi, as you are not responding my messages and delivery time was running out so i deliver this empty order. may be you are busy somewhere in an important work, so let me know when you will be back and can send me more details i am always available to do the job for you. please just message me with more details. Thanks.

Empty delivery is strictly forbidden by Fiverr’s terms of Service, so I suggest not doing it.

You can cancel, or you can try to do the order with the little information that you do have.

If I had 1 day turnaround time like you do, I’d cancel as soon as I realized that the buyer haven’t submitted all the necessary information (with a polite message, of course, explaining why I’m doing it).

Thanks you two for your suggestions. I will try one last time to contact the Buyer and if no response again I will have no choice but to cancel. I truly hate that but they have left me no other alternative.

I’d never insist sending one message per hour asking. One or two messages are enough. Sending 100 messages is not going to make him answer faster, when he probably isn’t at his computer. Then, when he turns it on, and sees those 100 messages, will probably hate you.

Then, I’d do one of this:

  • If I really need that info to do the job, I’d send a mutual cancellation request, telling him to only refuse it if he’s sending the info needed.

  • If I can do the job or most of it without that info, I’ll do it applying my own criteria regarding whatever info I needed. Then, I’ll explain the buyer in my delivery why I took such decisions and ask him to request a modification if needed.