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Buyer not satisfied with anything

I have a buyer who hasn’t been satisfied with anything. I’ve written 4 different pieces of music for them but nothing is good enough. What should I do? Thanks


I think it would depend on how many revisions you agreed upon. Other than that, I suggest you get to know his requirements clearly.


We did talk about the requirements and I did what he said but the more he says it’s not right, the more it seems like he never knew what he wanted. And now I feel like it’s just leading to a bad review. Which makes the whole thing not seem worth it.

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Didn’t he mention what is not right or what changes he needs?

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Yes he did. And I’ve made the changes. That’s the problem.

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If nothing you do is working out for him, then you can either continue with the order and risk getting a bad review or mutually cancel the order.


So sorry for your experience. Sadly, some buyers are like this. It is bad, but you should cut your losses and move on.


hope fiverr make sellers first and let us decide for cancellation !!meme


I do not appreciate anyone stigmatizing sellers here. We should be understanding. For example, he simply does not like your music style if this is the case; or the style when applied to the work he wanted. Simply put; it’s one thing to hear a note you perfected, when that style is put to another note with its own characteristics if that makes sense. I can echo what s_akhter said, if he still isn’t into your artwork style, and you proceed to attempt to keep the money he’s given, you’re looking at a bad review and probably a case; so it’s usually best to just give a refund at that point; because they will usually get their money in the situation you’re describing from what I can tell.

What I would do? I would contact the buyer like this, allday, “I’m sorry you are not liking what i’m creating, i’m really trying to make it better fit your needs and style, I will offer you a full refund and would love to be able to make what you need in the future, i’m sorry this hasn’t worked out.” - if you have already exceeded your revisions set or they are done. Or something refined to that nature. Good customer service always excels if someone is not happy with their transaction. Additionally, if he leaves a bad review regardless, it is optional to change this review. Unless against fiverr’s TOS, you can ask if there’s anything you can do to change that.

I understand some platforms have TOS describing it as spam, or I could be wrong, I would simply check to be sure.

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Go through his buyer feedback before wasting anymore time with him. If it’s all legit then maybe you can work out something with him and even have a positive feedback.


Oh, heavens no. That would be a massive breach.

That wouldn’t be a breach. A word “breach” has a different meaning that has nothing to do with the proposal to fiverr to take better care of sellers.

Apparently you read only a few buyers stories with copyright infringement and missed the elephant in the room.
Every day one or two sellers come to the forum telling that buyers scammed them. That even 5$ was too much for them and they got the work done and after that made a charge back.
It’s much more sellers being scammed here by cheap “buyers”.


Yes, it would be a security breach of sorts. If sellers had power over whether or not something can be cancelled by a seller (Which in turn is something used to receive refunds) Sellers could abuse this function at any time. Scamming would become rampant. Simply put, they would have the innate ability to negate a buyer’s ability to refund something THEY PAYED for. It’s also common courtesy to allow refunds even if it’s as simple as the buyer not liking said thing within x period?

What are you talking about copyright infringement for?

Sellers aren’t putting money upfront for a service. They’re proposing a service FOR money upfront. Understand the differences in nature there. I understand, or at least you seem to be insinuating that time is equivalent to money here, but it isn’t. There must be proper refund policies that any reputable business must have, negating a buyer’s ability for a refund is not proper refund policy. I have no clue where you got that idea. Scamming in general should be punished, restricting the ability for refund isn’t equivalent to that.

I see buyers being scammed all the time?

It looks like you didn’t even bother to read fiverr TOS.

Of course it is! Our time is our money. The service is the same product that should be paid for. Looks like you have no idea how freelancing and services market works and you are just an entitled buyer.

Exactly. Buyers doesn’t loose anything in this case. Buyer paid, buyer got a refund, that is a situation where they don’t loose anything. Where seller does, they loose their time they spent working on it and their profit.

NO IT IS NOT. Again please read fiverr TOS before talking about something and pretending you know it better than anyone else.
It’s clearly stated in terms and conditions that orders can not be cancelled based on quality or satisfaction of the client. Coma.
You don’t go to the restaurant and decline to pay if you didn’t like their food.
My mind just blows up hearing this kind of things from people, that they even assume that someone should spend time working for them and they don’t have to pay for it because they don’t like it and it’s just the time that seller spent working on their project which is not equal to money. :exploding_head:

Same story with doctors, you are not coming to a doctor asking for a service and you can not refuse to pay just because you don’t like the pills they prescribed to you. Doctors also not loosing anything, they spent only their time to see you and understand your problem, right?

Security breach? Are you serious? Security breach has nothing to do with protecting sellers from unfair refunds like the one you described.

Nobody is negating the ability to refund. In fact it is in place on fiverr and orders can be cancelled if fiverr CS will find it the appropriate reason.

Pffff. Such an entitled thinking from your side.


I am facing same problem. Some buyer wants to playing for passing time. Fiverr should mark this kind of buyer

Their TOS? They protect buyers AND sellers. Time is important. Time isn’t actual currency. It was a simple prospective. OP is suggesting that Fiverr should change how they ALREADY function. Time is important and you can make money. Sellers need to be protected. Buyers need to be protected because money is - actually money, upfront. If you restrict their ability for refund, that’s easily abused for reasons I stated. Scammers would thrive if buyers could not actively receive refunds. Read Fiverr’s TOS to understand why they allow buyers to receive refunds the way they do. Vice versa to not understanding, a twist with how you’re attacking me. Be civil here.

Buyer’s don’t and shouldn’t lose anything when they are not happy with a service or something goes wrong. Yes, that is how refunds work…Yes, as they should, if there is an issue with their service or the seller is not happy. Like almost every single retailer in the world is, with a refund policy. Sellers scamming is a whole different

I’m not, “pretending I know it better than anyone else”. I civilly came here and responded to a person’s point they made with my own point. You came here non-civilly and attacked me because you perceive i’m pretending to know more than anyone else and by that i’m guessing you. Which is flattering to me.

It states that it may not be cancelled by the quality IF it was rendered as described in the gig. There shouldn’t be any issue if that were the case, but there can be issues if they rendered their gig description to describe poor quality, if there was an issue like that the seller has the option to open a case with their bank. That isn’t what OP is referring to, as he’s referring to a change in ability to cancel order. The ability to cancel order is already balanced as you have just described. The gig creator has full control given proper alteration of gig description.

These kinds of things* I never claimed no one should have to pay. I claimed that the ability to cancel orders should not be taken away as that is easily abused. It is already balanced and sellers have essentially massive control for the reason we just went over. If they took the ability to take away cancellation as he’s suggesting, it would be insanely corrupt. The fact you think that suggesting what would be a massive breach shouldn’t happen boils down to me saying sellers should have their time stolen, is appalling.

You can definitely get a refund for medicine if it is not as described or there was an issue that wasn’t disclaimed. As the current TOS stands.

You believe that refunding for something that wasn’t described/or something that extends out of what was described? Wild

OP suggested it. The suggestion was to favor seller in option to cancel. Your refund comes in cancellation. Seller suggested to take away that cancellation ability. Fiverr already favors sellers for the reasons mentioned. If taking away the ability to cancel takes away the ability to get refunds to mass extent, that’s a security breach and scamming would thrive. Very simple. Kog.

Again you agreed with someone suggesting the taking away of cancellation ability ~ Buyer’s end in favoritism of seller because their time is important. I’m not going to use the word you’re using because you’re attacking someone on a forum, but it doesn’t get much more, “ent”, than that.

If someone does the work then they deserve to get paid. Happiness doesn’t come into it in the real world. Yes, many businesses take the hit of refunding unhappy customers as it gives them an overall benefit. However, this is hiring individual freelancers and is completely different.
My refund policy is that I don’t offer refunds unless I decide I want to. Fiverr can overrule me if they choose to of course but that doesn’t happen when I can show I have done what was agreed. Regardless of whether I have been the sunshine in that buyer’s life that day or if their cat :poop: on the new carpet which put them in a bad mood, if I do the work then I get paid - they can then review as they choose.

*In the OP’s case, they have done FOUR TIMES THE WORK but you would still suggest they cancel the order and not be paid. That’s ridiculous.


He didn’t suggest it. Don’t twist the truth. Here is the exact quote.

Which has nothing to do with taking an ability to cancel orders from buyers side. Looks like you just confused yourself and just keep arguing.
He meant that sellers should be able to cancel orders they don’t wish to continue with. That doesn’t affect buyers rights to cancel order as per fiverr TOS and in case of seller breaking rules.

That’s not how refund works.

We are not retailers, we are sellers and service industry is protected by law from refunds based on satisfaction. We can issue refunds only if we wish so, but we are not obliged to do so.

If you still think that time is not our money they you have zero understanding of business and economics in general.
The time we spent on the order that was refunded is the time that we could spend on another order which is lost money.
Even in economics such a loss on time and opportunities is also considered a loss in money equivalent.

@eoinfinnegan I can’t agree more on this one!


Yes…let us decide for cancellation…i.e. let us control it by being the ones who decide on it… ???
There’s no twist to that statement, that’s just how it’s worded. If he comes to clarify that he means SPECIFICALLY ‘let us cancel orders as well’, great.

Who are you to say what he meant? Literally neither of us know besides the context he used?

Well that is certainly the most reputable form of it.

Retailers was an example. Again against satisfaction wasn’t pertaining to something outside of gig description which would be reason for dis-satisfaction. Read my touch on the exception. If your work is outside of your description/extends outside, you are obligated to give a refund as per TOS. This was the exception I mentioned.

Those are two different things and you’re quoting me saying something before I stated, “You can make money with your time”, and, “Yes your time is important”, I don’t know how to explain to you how the definition of time and money and simply what they are - are different. Money itself has actual value upfront. Time doesn’t. But time is important. Both must be protected. If anything, their TOS with allowing sellers to alter their gig description to essentially encrypt a poor service with specific wording, is extremely overpowered in and of itself. Nothing needs changed there…or it needs to be changed to be less if anything, most reputable businesses do not have TOS that OP. At least they shouldn’t.

Yes, i’ve explained that.


You don’t have to explain to me. You just have to read the basics of economics to understand the difference yourself.

Time is money. In economics it’s called opportunity cost. Cost is money that you are losing. It’s not physical money but it is real money that you are losing or gaining.
What you sacrifice / What you gain = opportunity costs
Total revenue –(minus) economic profit = opportunity costs.
Here is even a formula to calculate it.

For business, economic profit consist of the amount of money made after deducting both explicit and implicit costs.

Explicit costs are the out-of-pocket expenses required to run the business. And the implicit costs takes into account value that could have been generated if the resources of the business had been used for other purposes (in our case it’s orders that we worked on that was refunded and the time we could’ve spend on profitable orders)

So here you go: potential time spend on something where you didn’t earn money (in our case it’s refunded orders) also included in the calculation of total profit which is real money.

Time is not only important as you say, time is money. Simple economics.

Im not going to add anything more here or try to prove my point. It seems that we are all disagreeing on any of your points/comments on the forum.