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Buyer not submitting requirements for job

Hi All

I have a buyer who placed an order on one of my basic packages, which is creating an eLearning course. The basic package has 2 slides and is delivered in 2 days. As part of the buyer requirements, they are supposed to submit their course outline for me - that is, what I am supposed to be creating.

Since placing the order, the buyer has not submitted any requirements, only wrote ‘create a great course’ where it asked them to detail the order requirements. I have messaged them three times, they have been online, but have not responded to my messages. I have wrote to Fiverr support with no response. If I ask them to cancel, it will affect my rating.

Any ideas? I could just create two pages of nothing, but what’s the point!

Did you start the order? if not then fiverr cs can cancel it without affecting your rating.
Also you can perform the cancellation too but it may affect your rating.

Fiverr stated in a response to a question I submitted, that Order Completion rate does not affect your account.
Potential clients do not have access to that information.

They started the order without asking any questions, then provided no info.

Then the only solution is cancel the order by contacting the CS. Otherwise it will definitely affect your rating even you performed a mutual cancellation.

I’ve contacted customer service and no response yet. There is only 18 hours of the job left.

Oh… Just goto the resolution center and extend the delivery time until the CS replied you.
Or you can open a cancellation request too.

By the way, after 18 hours then the order will be mark as Late delivery.
P.S - Do not complete the order with an empty delivery. It will cause your profile to ban.