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I am a new seller of Fiverr. How can I send a buyer request?
All the users of Fiverr Forum help me :grinning:

Hi! Stroll through the Community and discover the most relevant products in your industry and try to compare them with the services offered by you. Is your GIG image interesting? Does your GIG title attract public attention? Is your GIG relevant? What would make someone buy? Are you advertising correctly? Discover the potential and possible pitfalls of your business. Be honest with yourself and always try to stay up to date. Try to check the ‘Buyer Requests’ section; if you are having trouble finding an order, it will appear at one time or another. Also, I recommend that you take a walk through the forum and Fiverr’s tips, there is a lot of good quality content that can help you. Do not forget to review the platform rules, as many providers have problems with this. Success!

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thank you very much help