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Buyer only choose one


Hi everybody in Fiverr,
I’ve just received an order that buyer placed it without any discussion with me ( I said this in my gig description). He said that he’s hiring many sellers and he only pay for one that he like the most. According to me, I think this is unfair for sellers who work hard. Does anybody here face this case and do you think this is fair or not?
Anyway, I sent a cancellation request, this is my first cancellation, so sad :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If you all do the work, you all deserved to be paid.

No - buyers shouldn’t be doing this. Please report what’s gone on to CS.

You’re quite right! :sunny:


This buyer should be hanged with the money lol :smile:

My buyer once placed order and asked me to make her a design but she didn’t provide me the details. I asked her to provide the details and she said that she also don’t know the details lol and asked me to cancel the order. :smiley: