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Buyer only want to pay upon successful gig

i want to ask: is it okay if buyer want me to work first and deliver it to him first without him pay to fiverr first?

i want to use the milestone offer, but it should be $100 - my gig in total only for $49.
anyone help me please. thx!


No. Fiverr doesn’t work this way. The buyer pays upfront, the seller delivers, and then the buyer may request one or more revisions (paid or not, depending on your pricing structure).


If you accept to work that way, there’s zero guarantee that you will ever get paid.


Buyers only ask for you to deliver work before they pay, when they have no intention of paying. If you have a buyer asking you to do this, say no and block them. They are a scammer. It’s that simple.


@kyramyesha , why, how can you even think like that? :thinking::roll_eyes: :innocent: Don’t get me wrong but like @catwriter explained you will never get paid. Your customers would laugh their EYE-BALLS out because you’re handing FREE work to them! DON’T YOU EVER DO THIS!! Kind regards Humba

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If you both are comfortable with each other and there is an understanding relation between you both, then yes you can. I do like that to 3 of my clients and they pay me later according to my work.

well thank you guys! i make him pay first.

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You don’t make him pay. He orders and you don’t become accountable for anything until he does.

I’m glad everyone helped you here. Please think critically about what buyers are asking for you. This buyer was trying to exploit you and you weren’t aware of it. This makes you very susceptible to exploitation. You’re a professional, not a slave.

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Don’t do it. let him have his payment made first on fiverr before you start the work or deliver it.

Else he would just steal your work