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Buyer open dispute when i deliver source file

Hello , I am UI UX Designer working with a buyer since last 10 to 15 days.
Buyer was happy on last day i delivered my order.
Then he request for modification i did and submitted after checking client open dispute.
How to tackle please guide me

Thanking in advance


ask your buyer that what he want now

*Always work with them
*Give them daily messages of thier work

If he/she is not agree with you.
You donot need to worry about it.
Fiverr will not provide them your source file until they will accept your order

Why did the buyer open the dispute after he liked your work? What reason did the buyer mention?

Did you try to convince the buyer to accept the delivery?

If you are at 100% totally right place then contact Fiverr CS. They will help u in this regards.

But i hear that if your work is fullfilled and buyer donot like your work you have to give money back 100% but some buyer after getting thier works open dispute how can fiverr help sellers ?

your buyer is almost likely want to scam you and want a free work from you.
If you think you have done all the work, and deliver the correct work. Just keep reject the dispute.
Never NEVER accept the cancelation

From where do you get this information? That’s is not true. So if buyer dont like your work, you need to refund all the amount?


Okay i will remember this

Then you heard wrong. Read the ToS.


Can you tell me much more about this misconception beacuse i have 3 order cancellation due to this buyer threat me
that Fiverr Always Love Buyer and If I open Dispute You will get Nothing and i will give you bad review."
Is there anything i donot know about this

Why would Fiverr support a buyer breaking the ToS?

If you understood the ToS you would know why they wouldn’t allow this. Read them again and please work on your English to help yourself understand. Your writing is almost unintelligible.

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Fiverr Mostly Support Buyers.
Some Buyer Give us Such Kinds of Warnings e.g
“If You Don’t Cancelled the order , then i will go to customer Support. They will de-rank your profile.”

I’ve had a similar experience recently. If the buyer was happy with your delivery and there’s no reason for the dispute, this will probably be solved in your favour. Just talk to CS and they’ll help you with this, also show them screenshots where the buyer says to be happy with the result

hi, some days ago you posted that yoyr gig disappeared from the search. so, its still disappeared or back into rank again?

It still doesn’t show on the search list

That’s blackmail and no, it is not allowed.