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Buyer open dispute

Hi, buyer order my gig DJ drops. I deliver several files, but he wants me to do what is not in my gig description. To make BPM, and stuff for sound engineers. I contact support and ask me to cancel an order for me, I agreed with that. But they didn’t cancel, and now buyer open dispute.
What to do? I am seller 2 and I don’t want this buyer to ruin my reputation. Thank you


Sometimes it happens to us but don’t know why it happened…Nowadays most of the freelancers face this problem…very sad


Nobody asked me to do that before, I am just voice over actor, but he wants fro me to record in style what is not in my gig description. He was wrong, he needs to send a message before his order. I am a hard worker here and I am very upset now. Support didnt reply yet.

Yes understand…But again we have to suffer without doing anything

what is buyer dispute? you mention you want to cancel order. If buyer dispute is cancellation then accept and close

He put this : ORDER DISPUTE

xxxxx stated the issue is:
The seller is not qualified to do the work I requested
If I accept cancel, he cant leave negative review, right? Do I need to wait CS to respond?

That’s correct, once you accept to cancel and the order is cancelled, the buyer won’t be able to review it.

Thanks for your reply.
The problem is that buyer makes a mistake. He wants something what is not in description of my gig. He got 5 HQ files with 3 djd drops, so he has 15 dj drops for free now. I feel very bad, cancel can impact on my work there, because of buyer. Sellers need to be protected from stuff like this.
Also, I saw that he leaves negative reviews to other sellers. Rate 3*. Very bad.


Connect with fiverr seller support once more. And tell them full story. If you cloud describe your position and buyer guilty then fiverr will cancel that order but it wouldn’t harm your order complete rate.

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So , there is no way without cancelling that order . And I think this the worst thing ever .

You could ask for Fiverr to create an option not to be able to download audio files without accepting the order first and/or for Fiverr to add an audio watermark to audio files before the order has been accepted.

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I contact CS before he opens dispute and give screen shoots to proof, and they respond me asking me to cancel order for me, I said yes but they didnt cancel and he now open dispute.

Yes, I agree. Is not your fault, the buyer ask you what you NOT offer.
Hope support helps you.

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You can ask your buyer for a mutual cancellation, but it will affect your stats.

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“The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.
The order funds have been returned to the buyer.”
I dont know will this action affect in my statistics and profile? The buyer got money and files. Life goes on lol.

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Sometimes, that type of cancellation does not affect your stats. Keep an :eye: on them and let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

My response rate fall down from 100% to 90 % :slightly_frowning_face:

Your response rate wouldn’t be affected by something like this. Did you mean completion rate?


After cancellation by CS my statistics are 91% of response rate. It was 100% before this order.

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No, He can not give any review. Only effect on order completion rate . It will be only for 2 month.