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Buyer opened more orders, then discarded mine and asked me to cancel

Hi! I turn to the community as I have already contacted Fiverr assistance in time (+48 hours ago) without getting an answer.
I have an open order with a buyer who apparently has opened more than one with the same purpose (obviously I was unaware). After I did the job, he told me that someone else had already satisfied him and that I could then proceed with the cancellation.
I contacted the assistance taking some time, but I have not received an answer and I am close to the delivery deadline.
I would like to make a delivery anyway but I fear that in the end he can retaliate on me with the worst reviews.
Do you have any advice?


This buyer is absolutely in the wrong here. You should deliver what he contracted you for. It’s up to him to learn how Fiverr works. If there is retaliation, Fiverr CS team should be able to help you, especially if you contacted them beforehand.

Or you can ask for cancellation In resolution center. That won’t affect your rating but will make the time invested on the project wasted …


That’s on him, not on you.

Just keep in mind that if you deliver and he accepts, he could choose to give you bad rating but personally I’d rather take a bad rating then have my time wasted, another option can be to go through CS but that can take time. Good luck.


The CS seems to me completely absent, almost three days have passed. I do not accept the humiliation of being the one to cancel, do me a self-harm, so that he can do his convenience. I already worked for free, was I supposed to cancel?
He doesn’t want the job anyway, he just closed with the other buyer to confirm this, so I don’t know if I did the right thing but, to buy time, I delivered a JPEG with a winking smile, sorry but I had to trigger a reaction and protect me.


Don’t cancel by yourself. Contact with CS and provide all evidence that you have. And If you sure that buyer will give you bad review than cancel it via resolution center. Thanks


It says it can take up to 10 days for them to reply when you send an inquiry. They don’t have a lot of staff due to the pandemic… and most of them work from home, which means connecting with team members and other stuff will just add more work time. Patience?


You’re not going to like this answer, but this is the real answer to this question: sometimes, working on Fiverr, you have to take it on the chin in these situations. Yes, it sucks, but the reality is that these things happen sometimes. Here’s why I’m telling you to cancel and move on:

  1. Ratings are EVERYTHING on Fiverr. If you don’t have good ratings on Fiverr, you don’t have a viable business. If you force this order to be completed so you can get paid, the temporary satisfaction of making money on this order will be gutted quickly… when that customer plants a fat 1-star review on your profile. That review isn’t going to go away. A bad review can affect your business immensely on this platform.

  2. Customer service is very likely to side with the customer on this one. You may not agree with this practice from your vantage point, but CS generally sides with buyers in my experience. And I think that’s the right move, from Fiverr’s perspective. The customer is always right… as the saying goes.

So, assuming customer service is unlikely to rule this one in your favor anyway, why tempt fate? If you value your business more than a few bucks for the order you finished, you’ll cancel the order through the resolution center, and continue on with your Fiverr career. That’s just my two cents; others may have varying opinions on the matter. I’d rather take the temporary hit for a cancelled order than have a permanent bad review affecting my business.


Look I agree with you, I have recently registered on Fiverr, I am working well but the situations that led me to the cancellation have already happened. I’ll tell you the truth, I was deleting the order but then I couldn’t complete the procedure. There can be no protection on those who start two identical orders and then choose what they like best, how many cancellations would we suffer if so many applied this procedure? I don’t give a damn about money. The fact is that I gave him a fake delivery, I didn’t send him the job he asked for, he is missing, he is aware of the timer I had and of his game, as if he were used to doing it. I don’t think he will accept the delivery, I want to take him to cancel by him self.


So you gave a fake delivery… think that’s technically misuse according to ToS, but I may be wrong.

My advice, I don’t think you will win, best case is to walk away like @tro2789 advised.

It’s annoying, and I understand it’s not about the money but the principle. However can your profile afford the bad rating?


you shouldn’t cancel. they are buying your time, and they took your time, so they should pay for your time

i’ve placed multiple orders for the same job on occasions. i pay for them all, because that’s how it works

they buyer does not make any sense. Your prices are more then reasonable too. If it were me I would refuse to cancel or wait to see what CS has to say, buyer is toxic, no

edit; yeah but sending that winking face was a bad move, so maybe cancel and put it down to experence. you have alerted CS to the issue already afterall?

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Amazing writting:) :heartpulse: I like this .It will help me for my order,and career .


Thanks to everyone for the advice, I sadly started the cancellation process. In the end I believe in the reason and experience of those who have been registered on this platform for longer than me.
I keep you updated to let you know what feedback I got from the CS so that my experience can help someone too.

  • Sellers must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Work button (located on the Order page) according to the service that was purchased and advertised on their Gig.
  • The Deliver Work button may not be abused by Sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in these Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an Order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that Order after review, affect the Seller’s rating and result in a warning to Seller.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Worst thing you could’ve done and this did nothing but harm you further.


Take the cancellation, you can recover from a cancellation but a bad review will always be there.

My opinion is resolution center will not work. If any buyer can do it. So they do it. Please mail first in fiverr support. It’s your own safe.

You’ve done the exact opposite of protecting yourself by doing this.

Delivering a winking smiley face was a bad move on your part.

But personally, I’d delivered the real thing and make him pay up for my hours spent on it. That way I would have done my job and I could show CS I did nothing wrong.
Don’t be afraid of a bad review from a crook. Reviews aren’t worth more than money. I wouldn’t even care about a dishonest 1* rating (if he rates you at all) because it will be drowned out by multiple 5* reviews from honest buyers.

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