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Buyer opened the dispute before ending delivery time

Buyer opened a dispute before ending delivery time.What should I do now?


cotact buyer and explain what but if you cant do the work contact cs and remove the order

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What was the reason for dispute?

Is it affect to my fiverr account.I am new for this site

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Poor quality of the samples

As long as you offer unlimited revisions, you may have attracted scam Buyer.

Order cancellation will affect your account for sure, specifically Order Completion Rate.

if buyer give 1 star rate and bad comment it is big trubble. the best thing is contact buyer and explain in polite manner.if buyer is bad best thing is contact fiverr cs. you can get best sollution from fiverr cs.

yeah but if buyer give bad review it is big affect to get anothor order.

Correct, reviews are more valuable, especially for new Sellers.

OP should try to communicate clearly with Buyer and find out what poor quality means and how to improve it.

However, this ping pong may last forever as OP offered unlimited revisions.

Cancelling the order is less damage to profile than negative review for new Seller. Meanwhile, OP may want to set up their Gigs and limit the revisions.