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Buyer Opens Dispute because

I had a buy hire me to do a project for them. This project was going on to 4 of their different sites and setting up reminders and other factors for their podcast. The logins they sent me were incorrect except 1. I was able to schedule the podcast but was unable to go onto 3 of their other sites. I notified the buyer numerous times and informed them of this. When I delivered the project it was for scheduling the podcast which I did. Now they have opened a dispute to not pay me for the task I completed because what they wanted was not fully completed. I declined the cancellation of the contract and informed the buyer that I had told them numerous times that their logins for the other 3 sites were not working and I could not access. The buyer would never respond. Making my delivery late. When I looked at the contract it stated of creating the podcast for them. Which was completed last week? Granted the project wasn’t much money yet I’m not going to have a dispute against me when they failed to supply me with the information needed. Any advice? Again, I have responded to their dispute claim and the buyer has yet to respond which was the same issue I ran into last week.

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If a buyer failed to provide necessary information correctly then it’s their mistake. Don’t accept cancellation request.

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That’s what I thought also. It’s not like it was the easiest person to get in contact with.

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Usually when buyer didn’t send full info and ignoring all your messages it’s best to cancel the order from the beginning because they can actually go to CS and CS will cancel your order for a partía delivery because you indeed didn’t provide the full promised service (even if not your fault)