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Buyer or seller?

Hi there,
I am a design professional and i would like to earn some extra money by freelancing on fiverr. I thought i need a seller account for that, because i sell my skills/services. But i think i chose the wrong option right? Because i only see the freelancers offering things instead of the jobs?
How can i switch?


Hi Melanie,

You use one account for both buying and selling.

Seller vs Buyer

If I recall correctly, when you first create an account, you won’t see the “Switch to Selling” option. Not until you create your first gig. So check the top left links for anything related to selling and I’m sure you’ll find the link to create your first gig!


No one “offering” jobs here. Fiverr is different. Here you are advertising your gigs and if buyers are interested they search through gigs and place orders right away.

I would suggest for you to read fiverr help page to learn how fiverr works