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Buyer order 2 day but after 1 day he cancel the order why?

he is very layer buyer and attitude is very bad `ttps://

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Hello, what is that a link to? It doesn’t go to anything.


How do we know why he/she canceled the order.
Only your buyer can answer better.
Ask him politely why he/she canceled the order.

You have just told that a buyer has cancelled . You should describe that actually what happened …

Ask it to your buyer…

“Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling your buyers/sellers out by username”

The above is from the forum rules. The link doesn’t work but you need to delete it.


If the link you gave was to your buyer, then their account’s gone.

If a buyer’s account is deleted then Fiverr cancels all outstanding orders the buyer had ordered.

Why not ask CS what happened to your buyer?