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Buyer Order and Need extra with work without additional charges

I just need to know if a buyer orders the BASIC package and he demands services of the PREMIUM package without extra charges and we know that if we don’t do this he will cancel the order and this is the saddest thing can anyone help me on this what should I do now.

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You can cancel.

You can send your buyer an extra for all the additional work.

You can proceed with the order and do more work for less money. But, considering that the buyer immideatly went for unreasonable demands, there is no guarantee they will be satisfied when you deliver.

It’s an unfortunate situation and the choice is yours.


Its mean I have to do this because cancelation is will down my rating

Ok first don’t panic! In my experience there are only two types of buyers - demanding and wonderful - your time should always be spent giving extra TLC to your wonderful buyers.

With that said, your demanding buyers are tricky and sneaky sometimes. You have to figure out if this buyer genuinely needs your help or they are taking advantage of your good nature.

So often a buyer will place an order that should have had an extra but I overlook it and don’t make an issue out if it. Most of the time if you work with those demanding buyers you may actually get a tip in the end.

However, once you realize that you have a tricky buyer on your hands, let them know you generally charge extra for that service but you will do it this one time. Get back in control. Do what you can to help them but be professional about your expectations moving forward.

Sometimes they are just jerks! But rarely.


You can contact CS, show them the screenshots where the buyer demands more work and refuses to pay extra and they may cancel the order without it affecting you. There is no 100 percent guarantee but CS is usually good when handling threats and demands of this nature.

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Thank you so much Lenasemenkova.

Thank you Very much. :heart_eyes: