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Buyer order for 1 design, but asked for three design draft

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your time,

Recently, i have an order from client for 1 label design.
and we already have the price and deadline agreement.
Suddenly, client ask to provide him with three design draft to save time with the revisions.
So Client could pick 1 out of three. it will make the process much faster than doing many revisions.

Anyone with similar experience, and how usually you handle it?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

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I don’t have experience with this but I don’t like what I’m seeing. How is creating three different versions of a design so the client can pick one going to prevent a revision request? To me, it sounds like a buy one get two free deal.

Even if the client does pick one of the three, who to say he won’t use the other two?


Cancel. The buyer has no respect for you, no redeemable qualities as a human being, and is likely going to try and cancel order after you deliver (and after several revisions) anyway.



Thank you for replying.
For design draft, usually designer can provide them with flat jpg smaller dpi (without the source files). So client won’t we able to use it for printing.

cancel and block that buyer. he/She is not worth.


You’ll be surprised but that’s what most of cheap clients using anyway. They don’t need to print it, they just trying to scam sellers to get files for their website etc.

He is trying to exploit you.
You can just say that creating 3 versions will actually take 3 times more time than creating one version and you can send him a custom offer for x$ to cover for extra versions. Otherwise you will proceed with one included version that you both agreed to and x amount of revisions that included in your order.

But I agree with @cyaxrex that after that if he still replies with red flags I would’ve cancel right away even without start doing any work for him.


Why are you letting the buyer make extra work for you to supposedly save his time? What about your time? You’re not a slave.

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Just say NO. If it’s outside the scope of the original order.

If you have problems contact CS, and let them know what is going on - and they can advise you further.

I offer NO revisions, for this exact reason.


Politely message the client and explain: ‘What you are requesting does not match the gig description that you purchased and that you will no doubt have fully read before placing your order. The gig description clearly states that this is for 1 design only with XXX revisions - should you feel they are necessary. Please respect this.’

Should a complaint arise, you need to be able to demonstrate to Fiverr Support that you have been fair and polite in your dealing with the client. Also, I have had one instance myself where a client tried to ‘scam’ me by getting extra work out of me. When I used similar phrasing to the above - they backed down and apologised.


Thank you so much for the great advice @english_voice