Buyer Order Mistakenly


What If Buyer order mistakenly and ask for something which is not possible in the Price? How to save our completion rate in that case? So that Order won’t effect the completion rate. ?


Sadly, you can’t. Every cancelled order counts against your completion percentage. :neutral_face:


That is unfair. if we do not offer something which is buyer is asking for. That should not work like this at all. :confused:


I wholeheartedly agree! :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps you can send him a custom extra, requesting the amount for the additional work he is requesting if it is not included in your gig price?


Well, he requested for the work which I do not offer. :neutral_face:


I would ask the buyer if there is anything at all that you provide in your gigs (or other skills that you have) to utilize the payment. If the buyer is also a seller, you might be able to work out some sort of trade too, but you couldn’t leave reviews. Just some crazy thoughts since this cancellation thing is so tough. The only other suggestion I have is to contact Support before you cancel and ask them if there is any way to keep the cancellation from affecting your next evaluation day. Things seems to change day by day with this issue.


Good Idea. But its usless for me bro and CS team do not have any solution for this and this is totally unfair.


The users in this thread are all women.

Anyway, as Sellers the :basketball: ball is not in our court, only Fiverr can change things. When? No Idea!


I have complained about this many times. They cancel on order by mistake, and it counts against you. Imagine competition ordering from you and then cancelling just to mess you up. This system makes it easy.


That is totally unfair and makes FIVERR unsecure for SELLRS. There should be something and they should have see these kind of cancellations to protect sellers as well.


It’s very odd if it affects completion rate when the cancellation reason is “ordered by mistake”. :thinking: In what way can a seller prevent that from happening?


Thats WHat FIVERR needs to think about it.