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Buyer order my gig $5

a buyer ordered my gigs is $5 .buyer offer me $5 with a large work but i say $50
so that he give me a report
what can i do now
anyone can help me ???

If that’s what you are offering in your 5$ gig then you can not increase the price.
If you did specify to a great detail what you are offering then buyer can not request more than in your description.


Buyer requirements differs what i am offering. What should i do know?

You should Cancel the order

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Contact customer support and DO ADD ONE LINE IN YOUR GIG.

  • Please contact before placing any order

  • Above Packages are placeholder and order price will depend on the requirements.

Cheers. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, you are supposed to set proper packages and not the “guidance only”. Fiverr was created so buyers would be able to place an order anytime without contacting a seller. You just need to be specific in your gig description.

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That’s absolutely fine, but in some cases there are exceptions.
e.g a POINT OF SALE system price can goes from $100 to $1000. All depends on the features, here are some listed below

  1. Number of portals. (admin, user, may be separate for client)
  2. either it will run on localhost, Intranet or internet.
  3. Either Web api, Web service will be involved or not.
  4. If there will be nay roles involved or not.
  5. What technology you would like to use.
  6. want to use custom template or a prebuilt.
  7. Do you have any mockups.

    and the list goes on… each feature listed here, will add/remove the project cost. so my point is, some fields/niche, project prices may not be adjusted in gig price.

So what you can do is place a price like $500 for POS, this price may vary as per your requirement/feature needs.

Now, to create a gig like i will provide POS may not be suitable for some seller. Imagine they offer service like web base management systems etc. it will include POS, CRM, HRM, payroll, GL etc.

:slight_smile: That was my opinion. Someone may disagree and I respect of their views.