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Buyer order my gig without having the requirement after that he want to cancel

hello every one ,
i have a gig that is related to transferring WordPress ,

i explained to the buyer that he should have the admin account for the site , so that i be able to do my job , but he order the gig without having it ,
and now he want to cancel the order … this would affect my profile badly although it’s not my fault .

i need your opinion on what should i do in these situations

best regards ,

There are so many client like this. It’s all about understanding. If he/she understand your point of view then very well otherwise it’s bad luck mate!

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there is no way but cancel the order , right ?

Yes, cancel the gig if you can…

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There’s not much you can do but cancel and take the hit. Try adding some text in your description to prevent this sort of thing in the future.

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