Buyer Order Something and change it what they want in the middle of the job and left you bad review


Hey everyone,

this is my first post in here, i am not a native English speaker don’t expect perfection lol, well i have an issue that really bothers me, i got this guy well 2 guys actually one contacted me and the other one ordred the gig they wanted few mock up for their web pages they wanted 15 page and they needed it soon, so i made a very good deal to em like $100 for the whole and i suggested that i will make one page for $5 so they see the job and then we can go on with it, they liked the page i made the guy said well ill pay $44 plus the $5 up front and then at the end ill pay the remaining money well i said that its not how it work over here but ill make 6 page then you can pay the remaining and we will finish the job… well i started to work on the pages i made 5 (actually 6 i didn’t deliver the sixth one yet) at this pointed he decided he didn’t needed the pages anymore and i had to do a logo and other stuff instead… well i mean i already did the job… the guy let me 2 bad reviews i contacted the customer services and they couldn’t help take the bad rating off now i am 95% because of that and i don’t know what to do… the pages was totally awesome and professional…

i want to hear what you guy have to say about this.


The screenshots are gorgeous!


oh i am sorry those are very big and they dont show the whole pages i should’ve take smaller screenshots…


they said they could not take it off without the guy wanting to change it or something like that i dont remember the wording exactly

@wolfstarpicture here is the pages you can contact me for the website i can make amazing pages you can check on those i made for the 2 guys but i can make anything you want doesn’t have to be similar.


I’m reall sorry to hear that happen

I am surprised Fiverr support didn’t help you more, this is clearly not your fault?

Out of curiousity can I see the web pages you made for this customer? I am on the hunt to find a decent website maker. I need a shiny modern website :slight_smile:


Did they tell you WHY they couldn’t take the bad rating off?! That’s ABSURD!


thank you a lot mrspanda! (i am sorry those were too big here is smaller screenshots.)


Reply to @wolfstarpicture:

you can contact me about it.