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Buyer Order something else and demanded something esle

A Day with bad Morning :no_mouth:
A buyer order me on my gig and did no submit the requirements when I asked for requirements buyer says me do another job which I have not mentioned in my gig. Then the buyer put a dispute with order cancellation saying that “I made a mistake”
But it’s ruined my order completion ranking without any mistake.
I mentioned it clearly:
Please contact me before your order.
So we can understand both of us work. But buyers dose not pay attention to it and create orders and later cancel orders. They don’t care how hard work we do to build our profiles.
Fiverr please do something for us.
It’s heartbroken :heart::broken_heart:


your demand this very helpful to avoid this mistake from the buyer, but I think if the client read carefully our gig details also if they pay attention to discuss with the seller what they want…it will be the best solution {i think } …

This is the mean problem that buyers do not pay attention to it.

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yeah hope Fiverr will take a decision to solve this problem

If you did not have the information to complete the order, you should not have worked on it.

I agree with a cancel order because I have no other choice.:no_mouth:

I think it better to cancel this order. Try to talk fiverr CS to cancel this. It will helpful for your rating

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This is a constant problem on Fiverr and a lot of people are trying to suggest ways to improve this situation.

I’ve had this problem many times, I used to cancel the other myself but a few weeks ago I contact Customer Support and they removed the order without affecting my stats.

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