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Buyer order Standard package instead of Premium

So I got a new order placed, which consider that I only have 2 completed orders so far, should be a good thing. The problem is that the buyer ask for a lot (which make me suspect they didn’t fully read the gig description).
The buyer order the Standard package, but they want more than what this package offer, and they want it extra fast. (and I only have the express delivery option in my Premium package)

I’m not really sure if I should just suck it up and it anyway, as I have only 2 reviews, and at the moment I feel like feedback is more important than money for new sellers like myself. I’m capable of completing the job, but I will massive undersell myself in that case.
I also thought about trying to explain the situation to the buyer, and maybe offer an extra on the order itself. But I’m not quite sure how to explain it in a polite and respectable way, as I don’t want to risk any cancellation, or a negative feedback.
Another option would be to just cancel it, which I don’t want to do, or try to contact CS (not sure what they can do in the case, within the time frame of the buyer).

Standard package- $10
Premium- $30 (express delivery- $30)


I am looking at other forums, and it looks like the only option would be to talk to the buyer, and then send them a custom offer to balance out the price. At the very least, check out the resolution center and ask for an extension if you are just worried about the time frame. From my experience, if I was a buyer, I wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s gig, so while you should be cautious, you can also talk the the buyer in a polite manner, making it look like maybe they clicked the wrong option, and being as respectful as you can. Other than that, if the buyer is still giving you are hard time, you may have to cancel the order. From the forum I found, it looks like you should not just do the work, as buyers may be trying to take advantage of you. Check out the resolution center, and see if that will help you out. Here is the forum:


I keep facing this situation a lot and I prefer to inform them saying, " Hello Thanks for the order, I think you have mistakenly ordered wrong Package, the package you order does not offer this service, lets sort this out first and start working on order asap, Thank you." and wait for buyer’s response…
Personally I could sort out this situation every time.

Don’t let buyer exploit you, every onereads before ordering and in case anyone did not, let them know !
if you will allow them once, they’ll start doing it every time !


The time frame is because of the buyer. They’ll be going away and they need it done before their trip, so extension is no going to help (and it is not really needed).
It’s not without worry, but I’m going to try and send a message to the buyer and see how it goes from there.

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You can add things to current order. Offer buyer additional extras and be kind and tell him that the service he is looking is in your higher packages.


Still you need to be careful with such buyers, I have experienced some buyers ( I would rather call them as scammers ) who just take advantage of new sellers and try to get the work of $100 in $20. If this happens, you should consider what is more worth as a new seller, your time or a review.

I sent the buyer a message, and we couldn’t agree on a price. Maybe I should have accepted his low offer after all. I had to request cancellation through the resolution center. It affecting my cancellation rate, which is one of the problems I was trying to avoid. Completion rate drop from %100 to %67. That sucks, but there’s nothing to do about it now.

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It makes me so sad to see people even considering doing this.

Why are you letting someone manipulate you into giving them free stuff (and thus free labor)?

People who do this are never good buyers and you should never let people exploit you anyway.

Please stop thinking this is good for your business. You are making yourself prey and inviting the lion’s mouth, not helping your business.

Please start respecting yourself. Don’t support people who.want to scam you.

On top of wanting extra work for free, he wants it delivered faster than your contract! That’s absurd. You are the freelancer. You set the terms. Don’t let people push you around.



For 4 months, no one was buying my gigs. Last month was the first gig, and it was for $5. This month was the second gig, for another $5. I check buyers request often, but for the most part it’s not something relevant for me. So it’s $10 in 5 months, so it’s not that far from making no money at all.
Now, I don’t know why people don’t buy anything. It might be the price, as my gigs start at either $5 or $10 that seems unlikely (I had two gigs that I set at $30 for the basic package, and later lowered is to $10, in hope that it will help). There is also the possibility that it’s because no one really needs my services at the moment.
And then there is reputation. I don’t have hundreds of positive feedback, and I ASSUME that with more feedback you get more clients, because it shows that you are trustworthy and professional. So at the beginning feedback, to me, seems far more valuable than money.

At this point, I would probably offer free gigs if it was an option.
In short- I am desperate.

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Desperation is a horrible cologne.



No one ever gets business by being desperate.

Stop thinking orders will start coming in if you do things for cheap or free. All that does is attract scammers.

Research your market and competition. There’s a fundamental issue there which you won’t override by exploiting yourself.

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That’s a genius metaphor. Kudos.

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