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Buyer order then want to cancel if not delivered within 24 hours

I have recently been in the same situation twice in one day.

I have been slammed with work and set my delivery to like a week (still offering 24h delivery for a fee).
That same day I received an order with the message: “If you can’t deliver today just cancel the order.” He didn’t choose the fast delivery.

This forced me to choose: I either do this order and lose out on the 24h-fee and the time I planned in for other orders because I don’t want to go down in rankings for cancellation, or I do cancel and still get a penalty … (Is there a way to avoid this penalty?)

Why can I be threatened by buyers? Seriously?

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Steffi - welcome back.

Raise an extra for the 24 hour delivery.

For the future, you may find it useful to add a buyer requirement tick box to indicate that buyers understand that 24 hour delivery incurs an additional fee.

I do have an extra fee for 24 hour delivery set on the order page. However, the buyer ordered the “normal” gig and then told me to cancel the order if I didn’t deliver within that same day.

Just send them an extra offer for your normal 24-hour delivery price. If they reject it, I’d take the cancellation, personally. I hate working with people like that. Very rude.


Yes - they didn’t read it. Offer it again and point out they didn’t order it.

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Or with a higher price, actually, if you want to, as “deliver today” isn’t 24-hour delivery but same-day delivery, so it might well be more expensive - if you are able to do it in the first place (do you have something like “Contact me if you need other delivery times than the gigs include” in your gig description?)

If it ends with a cancellation, you can try to appeal to support, but your chances probably would be higher if you sent the customer an extra to pay the additional fee, since their motto is “work it out with the buyer”. Not sure if they’d help with your OCR if you didn’t “give the customer the chance to pay the additional fee” first (from their perspective, it’s probably in dubio pro reo, the customer might not have noticed the option for 24-hour delivery, or that they could have contacted you to ask about same-day delivery, etc.). It’s improbable with how they acted but not impossible that they’d accept your extra, and the cancellation would be avoidable then.

It’s unfortunate that support takes so long to respond at the moment; as he didn’t order the 24-hour extra, you might have enough time to ask support to cancel vs cancelling yourself before the deadline, but if not, that’s an additional issue because it wouldn’t just affect your order completion rate but also your delivered on time rate then.


Pardon my possible ignorance but wouldn’t this be grounds for CS to make the cancellation for you? That way your rate wouldn’t be affected, if so.

Yes, you are absolutely right. I didn’t know you could have CS cancel the order for you… But I do now. :slight_smile:

No more getting bullied by buyers!!

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