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Buyer order which service I am not providing

Hello, I have reseved order which I am not working. I have singing gig, but buyer ordered lyrics writining, so its his mistake, what I can to do now? I have wrote already CS


@gm_production i have three suggestions for you number 1> first you can contact Fiverr support 2> you can buy related gig another seller 3> you just describe you, Buyer, the matter

I have contacted already support. Hope I will not lose raiting if I will cancel the order

you can also hire another seller also for this job. OK if not lose rating you can cancel

This happens time to time, but end of the day, this is potential income you can make. Ask yourself is it related to what you do? If so, are you able to be resources and complete this to the buyer’s requirements? Is the answer is yes, I will take it up. However if you can’t be confident you can deliver quality work, then tell buyer you don’t do that and refer him/her to someone else.