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Buyer order without message me

I Clearly mention message me before place your order. but maximum buyer order me without message me. so i have to cancel maximum order without Customer Support help. because customer support take 10 days+. my order competition goes down. what can i do now
Thank you


Buyer is not obliged to contact you before ordering even if you ask for it in Gig’s description.

You may want to set up your Gigs the way that you get all necessary information within the order process.

That means tweaking your Gigs’ description, requirements, package description etc.

You would need to avoid order cancellations to improve order completion rate. My advice is to spend some time with searching relevant topics here on forum. You may find the answers that work.


how i wish this blessing was on me…anyway. if you dont want more orders you can put the “out of office” button on.

No. i want order. but few buyer work difficult for me. i want to avoid this type order. without message me

Its not that simple, fiverr is designed like this, whilst I do not agree with this design you can’t force someone to contact you beforehand if the actual site wants you to buy with no hassle.

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Order cancellation can effect my Gig rank?

Order cancellations affect order completion rate.

Order completion rate affects Seller level and therefore general Gig’s rank too.

In addition to what @blavaro advised:

If you type “buyers placing orders without contact” in the search bar above there are more than 50 topics on the subject offering different solutions you might like to try.