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Buyer ordered 2 times. Need advice before cancelation

Hi, I have a buyer who ordered the same gig 2 times, the first order he didn’t send the requirement but he did on the second one. is Cancelling the first order will affect my analytics? and what is the right way to do that?

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Cancelling order your self will affect yes !
If that was mistake of Buyer, you can contact CS with issue and they can hep you in this without affecting your order completion rate !

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It will hurt your analytics if he cancels. Will the client need the same service again in the future? If so, they can hold off on filling in the requirements until they are ready and the order will sit in incomplete status (and not start) until they are ready.

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Cancelling order will badly affect your profile. Ask buyer if he can give you two orders.

He placed the first order, but due to an unknown problem it just disappeared from his account, he couldn’t find the order to fill the requirement, so he asked me if i can send him the same offer a second time and i did, he placed a new order and it’s working now. So i need to cancel the first order so the buyer can be refunded

I would reach out to Customer Service via email - do not go through the resolution center. Explain this to them, if you go through the resolution center it will negatively affect you.

I’ve Submitted a request asking for cancellation through the Help & Support page on fiverr. Is that the right thing?

As far as I know, however you reach to CS, if your point is valid they will cancel order without affecting your Order completion rate !

Just don’t give up against them and convince them that its not your fault but its Buyers mistake in understanding system and all good :wink: