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Buyer ordered a gig but did not provide any details and doesnt answer me

So i got hyped because i got a new order "Create a video game " and the first thing it says when you order is to tell me the details, The buyer did not give me the basic details like.

“Game title”

“Character sprite/look”

"Level design"

and so on.

my gig has a 7 days time limit …im down to 4days to deliver and i have not started developing his/her game.

What irritates me the most is that this gig isnt like a "i will write 200 words " or “Draw you a pony”. It takes time to make this and its not fun when the buyer doesnt give the details nor answer my messages, i have messaged the user every day , waiting for an answer.

What should i do?

keep waiting till 1 day to deliver?

send a game and hope for the best?

This has to stop, its not fun.

Reply to @biancha: Ha I’m so sorry.

Do you have buyer instructions? If not then you might want to take the time to fill that out next time you edit the gig. The clock countdown won’t start unless you get a buyer response. (Unfortunately, the system doesn’t differentiate responses, so any response by the buyer starts the order clock, even if it doesn’t tell you what you need to know). Also if the buyer doesn’t respond to the instructions, you can send “nudges” and “hints” from the order page, which presumably goes to their personal mailbox. I’ve only had one order out of 200 where the buyer never ever responded (in my case, I need a shipping address), so it never went late, just sat as an open order until I finally decided to cancel it so I wouldn’t have to look at it anymore.

Reply to @celticmoon: hi there celticmoon, yes i had intructions on the gig :slight_smile: when he ordered it should pop up , saying what i need from him.

I will keep waiting to see what will unfold.

Your gig , its tempting, that panda is calling me :stuck_out_tongue:

~lol~ It would be my pleasure!

So you don’t have a countdown clock to deal with, right? From my experience that one time, the order never went late, and it sat there for months. I’ve had other buyers not give me the information for several days, and no matter what date the order was placed, the countdown didn’t start until they finally responded. I know you’d love to be working on this order, but at least the buyer’s delay won’t cut into your fulfillment time!

Good luck~


That creep! He sent a smiley face?? Ooooo. I want to call him names, but it’ll just end up saying “That stupid fragglesrock! He fragglesrock!! I hope he fragglesrock his fragglesrock and stuffs it in his fragglesrock!”~lol~

Reply to @mark74: Yup. Forgot to mention that~ Thanks for filling in the gaps!

i bet if you press the deliver button they will never know… but no don’t do that that would be dishonest.

what you can do is give the minimum time for yourself to do the gig, lets say you take the minimum of 2 days to make the gig, if the seler doesn’t respond before the timer hits 2 days then cancel the gig.

i know it hurts because the reputation changes but that is what we all have to do eventually when we get to this state.

@superfunart If the buyer ignores the “Buyer Instructions”, then the countdown clock never starts. The order remains “Open”. So until the buyer messages @biancha (hopefully with the information she needs!) the order will never run late. Some sellers just let Open orders stay that way. I ended up cancelling the one I had after a few months. Cancelling an “Open” order doesn’t impact ratings (unless there are many of them, maybe, but it usually doesn’t happen that often). Cancelling orders “In Progress” DOES affect ratings.

Reply to @celticmoon:

celticmoon said: Cancelling orders "In Progress" DOES affect ratings.
... but raises your Cancellation ratio tally :(


Reply to @nateaka007: please go away :slight_smile: thank you <3

Reply to @mark74: it does and its sad!

Reply to @celticmoon: :open_mouth: He replied! TAN TAN TAAAAAAAAAAAAAN AHAHHAAHAH <3

ok , here is an update!

The buyer replied today! he said he never used fiverr and thats why he wasnt keeping up with the messages >_> however i just noticed the clock did in fact start, he made the first reply with a smiley face X_X UGH!

So now i have 2 days to deliver a full game, but fear not my friends :slight_smile:

I have nothing to do away from the computer for the next 2 days so, full steam ahead! YES!..if he gives me a bad review i will flip out LOLOLOL <3

Reply to @nateaka007: Its ok :slight_smile: just dont spam with gigs here. <3

Reply to @celticmoon: YEah! i mean, like UGH! That fragglesrock gave me so much stress! but i did it! i made the game and delivered in time X_X i felt like my eyes were gonna pop out of my head! I didnt even sleep, this was the worst experience so far on fiverr for me.

Now im waiting for the rating… im going to flip out if i get a bad review -_- if i get a bad review i will create a gig " For $5 i will flip out and curse at anyone" HAHFOASHFAOHAFAHFOAHA JK lol.