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Buyer ordered a gig worth atealst $150 for $5

I need some advice.

Although My gig instructions clearly state the following:

“Please make sure we’ve discussed the sketch details AND agreed upon a price before purchasing the gig.
The gig WILL be cancelled otherwise. Thanks!”

still a buyer went ahead and purchased a basic $5 gig and is asking for something worth much more.
Now if I cancel, will fiverr penalize me?
If I ask them to cancel, will that affect my rating with fiverr?
What should I do?

The buyer isn’t responding although their status is ONLINE.

Thank you.

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Right now I got an order too, the example provided is LATEST NIKE presentation video.
Without even giving me a brand name or logo. Delivery time 24 hours - 10$

Is a TOP BUYER on Fiverr, knows the rules and how the site works

All cancellations count against you now.

This will continue to happen unless you raise your prices.

If you aren’t willing to do that then offer something only worth $5.

They won’t contact you first usually.


I have raised my prices but have kept a $5 option open as well. But I suppose you’re right. One should eliminate $5 options totally.


that’s brutal! What did you do?

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Btw I did end up suggesting a mutual cancellation. The buyer agreed. But you were right. It’s going against me, although it was purely the buyers fault of not reading the requirements…

This should be fixed by fiverr because sometimes you do have a job that is just $5.

And is it not up to you to accept a job (I am not a seller, so no idea) if someone contacts you with what he/she wants? (so you can refuse something that is clearly more then just $5?)

Yes, there should be a system in which we can choose to accept or reject an order. But there isn’t currently. It’s terrible to the sellers. Look at what happened with gogugmg.

What happened to gogugmg?

Weird, I always assumed there was some sort of system that made it possible for a seller to refuse orders.
Makes no sense it is not available because you can (as buyer) really annoy a seller by taking the cheapest price and then request a huge work.

5 stars for one custom 3D animation- other 2 default orders with all extra + one TIP .

I do not get it.

5 stars is good, so what is the problem?

I do not get the problem.
You did not get 5 stars for the 2 default orders? or?

Ah wait, you are talking about your post here, someone ordered a gig from you that was worth more then $10 ?

I received 5 stars for the order that was worth more - NIKE, for example, after discussing 2 more commands for which same 5 stars and a TIP . The latter at a much higher price. The problem was the first order, ordered without asking me, and gave me a NIKE intro example.

Yeah, ok now I get it.
They just made an order for $5 bucks while they requested something that was worth a lot more.
I find it strange fiver does not have a system to prevent this.

Thank you for telling us this information