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Buyer Ordered Accidentally! And wants to cancel, What to dooooo?

Hi guys, Today I receive 2 orders from both from same person. But after 1 hours he said he wants to cancel 1 order he accidentally ordered the service. What can i do? If I Accept His offer then My order completion rate will go down. Please help


Hi, contact CS and explain they ordered by mistake. They will cancel it without affecting your stats because it was a mistake from the buyer. It happened to me once and they were very understanding.


Thank you , I have contacted the Support Lets see when will they respond.

It usually take 5 days now to respond from customer support. Consider that as well.

I think If you cancel or ask CS to cancel, it will go against your cancellation rate.It might not affect your sales but if you happen to be level 1 or 2, cancellation rate matters a lot.

SO What should i do? The buyer is new and ordered my service 2 times and i delivered the work in his 1st order . now I’m afraid If he give me low rating.

It didn’t affect mine.

You only have 2 options:

  1. cancel it by yourself and know it will affect your gig.
  2. ask CS to cancel and it will probably not affect your gig, like it didn’t affect mine

Then I will go with the 2nd option, I don’t want to affect my order cancellation Because I’m new to fiverr

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you must come an agreement between you an the seller I will be publishing very soon some new tips on how to overcome awkward situations like that and send you the link :

Well , I already tried sending 3-4 messages to buyer but he didn’t respond to a single message and I delivered the work too. this happen most of time with me buyer made the order but they don’t even respond to a single message.

Well, then its alright.
Have a nice day😇

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check this out : HOW OVERCOME CANCELATION! Orders by mistake?

Hey! How many business days did it take for fiverr to cancel the order? I have contacted CS 4 days ago, they still haven’t cancelled order.
I have 2 orders pending that have been ordered accidently

Hi! I don’t remember but it was before covid, so they were replying much faster… have you heard from them yet?

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The official waiting time seems to be 10 days now, though for some it’s even longer.


Not yet. It’s been exactly 10 days

Its been 10 days. Not sure what they’re upto.

Too many tickets, not enough agents to answer them…

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yes same issue with me too, its been 9days but no response.