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Buyer ordered and without any reason want to cancel order

A buyer contact me and asked for a job. I said yes and he wants to see a sample. After I gave him my sample he places an order. But after placing the order he doesn’t want me to the job. He asked me for another job. Then after one day he again asked me for doing another job. Being a new seller I don’t want to cancel the order so I agreed. But he is not cooperating at all just creating another problem for me. So guys, please help me I was doing very well in Fiverr journey. So what should I do? Cancel the order is better or getting a bad review? Because if I complete the order the buyer will 100% give negative feedback. please help Thanks


Cancel the order.

And then study a little how to make sure to set up your Gig an requirements so this doesn’t repeat.


First mistake: Giving someone a sample (my opinion).

I’d cancel and move on.

Maybe re-write your Gig details.

There could be confusion there (I haven’t looked at it).

Negative reviews happen.

Don’t let that be your stmbling block.


I always send samples. It depends on the service and category. I need my clients to test my overlays before I make them unique ones. I have a set of pre-prepared samples, video, subtitles, stingers, either links to YT or I send the actual file. It is not a sample made for them, it is just my standard sample everyone gets.

So sample is a good move to have, but ready, prepared in a folder for each GIG.

A negative review for the new account makes his account finished on Fiverr. He is in the category with 30000 new sellers with no sales, so no negative review. He with one negative is going not on the last page, on the page that fiverr system doesn’t even recognize, beyond script.

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Our deal was for a flyer and I am able to make the perfect one for him and he also liked it. But after the order placed he suddenly don’t want it. And then asked for a new flyer i agreed and then again asked for a business card. I also agreed but then he doesn’t cooperating at all.

Cancel the order. You can recover with some hard work and effort from cancelation, but from negative you will bury your account.

Only sellers with 1000 positive reviews can take a hit of a 3 and under review and survive on site.

Thanks for the help. I am so disappointed. I don’t know am i able to make sales anymore

Thanks for the help. I should for the cancellation i think

I think @looseink and I define Samples as Free Test work (as in doing part of the job) which should 99.999999999999999% of the time NEVER be done. For anyone, esp if they are no one.

What you are talking @marinapomorac is Portfolio. In your case you let people download a portfolio piece they can use to test fit. This is like curtain testers. You don’t get a real curtain made for your house, just a swatch to see if Purple Rain is really your color.

In this case, the buyer seems like maybe a reseller who is juggling their jobs at the seller’s expense. I think a conversation with CS with a request to cancel with no-fault seeing no positive outcome seems likely.

Then do as advised already and make your Gig better to discourage non-buyers like this and make it really clear what you do and do not, do using FAQ and the Requirements Form.



You know, my first thought reading how this buyer kept changing the script, he may be a reseller…