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Buyer ordered basic, but wants more than what he ordered

Hello, guys! First of all, I want to mention that I provide a cover artwork service and the basic gig is 15$ and includes one cartoon head portrait. Now this guy orders the basic gig and sends me a picture of him and his brother and say "my twin brother and I got a song we’re dropping called bag boy. if you can just fit our heads together for it with the words bay boy that’ll be more then perfect! i trust your creativity and you have full creative control all i ask is to include both of us with the title bay boy"
I responded immediately after I got the order and I told him - “Hey man. I can start right away. There is one problem with the order tho. You ordered the basic gig which includes only one head drawing” to which he still hasn’t responded and he’s been online 3 times since then.

I don’t intend to do double work for but at the same time I don’t want to risk a canceled order or a bad feedback. That’s one hell of a position to be. It’s basically, if I don’t do double work, I either get a bad review, or a canceled order. That’s such a loophole for all the buyers and they can exploit us this way. This is not right… What would you guys do?



I have also been in this situation a couple of times before, and this is what I did:

I sent them a message letting them know that they didn’t select the right amount.

I then sent them an extra for the difference in amount (via the resolution center) and let them know that if they didn’t accept the extra in time, I would be forced (per the number of words mentioned in my gig (or the number of head drawings in your case)) to deliver only part of the order i.e. only the number of words the buyer had paid for.

This WILL NOT be considered a partial delivery as you have clearly mentioned in your gig that you’d only do x amount of work for y amount of money.

They usually end up accepting the extra. :slight_smile:


Yeah, sure, but what happens if they’re salty that they “had to pay extra” and leave a bad review? I see it as a possible outcome, even if they’re in the wrong, we are taking the hit.

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That constantly happens to me and it’s so annoying.

I’m pretty annoyed with how he phrased it as well: "you can just fit our heads together"
Like it’s no biggie and he spares me the effort, when in reality he wants double for what he payed.

Try sending the buyer a custom extra and see what happens next. Sometimes “Hey, you bought wrong” just makes them confused and they don’t know what to do or what you want from them, and they purchase the custom extra s soon as you send it.


Yeah, I sent it. I doubt I’ll get an answer from him tho. I literally messaged him a second after he placed the order and got nothing so far.

I had a buyer who bought the wrong package, said nothing when I told her that, and accepted the custom extra as soon as I’ve sent it.

You never know.