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Buyer ordered but now doesn't want to pay for delivered written work


Hi all…I have a client who wrote a children’s book and had it translated to English. He was unhappy with the meter and language used in many places and approached me to rework the verses. Having never done a project like this I quoted him too low for the work involved, at which point I contacted him and said that I was not going to be able to complete the entire project. I gave him the option of canceling the order, but I would still send him the work I had already completed, since I had misquoted him. Or We could proceed if he wished to do so and I sent another custom offer to complete it.
He was polite and understanding, asking to have the work I had completed already in order to make a decision. Which I readily sent. He stated they would look it over to see if they liked it and wanted me to continue or cancel. A day and half later, I’m notified that he accepted the custom extra offer.
But now that I’m finished and he has what he ordered, says there is no way I could make him happy with any changes and is rejecting the order. There has to be something I can do? How Do I not get screwed here? I can’t make him accept it and can’t take it back so he can’t use it… What do I do?


Oh you can make him accept it if you did what your gig description said you would do to the best of your ability.

Contact customer support and tell them this problem and see what they say.

He has to pay for your work and don’t let him off the hook for that.


Actually you are not clear in what really happened.

You sent him a custom offer and he didn’t accept it?
Did he accept the custom offer but did he request a revision?
Dit he accept the custom offer and then started a dispute?
What happened?

No matter what, if he accepted the offer and the clock is or has been ticking he will pay.


easier said then done…:slight_smile:


If he won’t pay you for the work you did, then involve customer support.
You would never ask a guy to build a house, and then wait until he was finished with deciding whether you want to pay him or not. And it’s the same with any job. In case the builder promised he would use high quality oak tree and have it finished in three days, but in stead took three weeks to build a shed out of rotten beach-debris, then you could rightfully demand your money back. But as long as he did what he promised, you wouldn’t not pay him, just because the windows didn’t turn out as you expected. As long as you have done what you promised to do, then you should (and hopefully, with CS’s help, CAN) get paid for your work.
Good luck!


you could also outsource it… just a solution in my mind… and find a perfect seller here…


I’ve been in the same boat!

If you have spent a lot of time and effort then go forward with a dispute and I would think Fiverr will side with you on this and you can get paid for the work you have completed.

My only concern is that if you are awarded the decision, does the buyer have the option to leave a review? and if so, is the money worth a bad review?

It’s a tough call but if I were in your shoes, I would go with a dispute.


Yup. Especially if you’re risking a negative review.


He contacted me about a quote for reworking lines of a rhyming children’s book based on my $5 gig to write rhyming toasts and what not. I sent him a custom offer for x amount, but after getting deeper into the project, I realized it was more difficult than I had anticipated, to do at that price, so i gave him 2 options…i offered to cancel while still sending everything i had done thus far and he would have not been out any money… or I would continue on if he wanted to purchase a custom gig extra to bring my fee to the amount where it should have started. He asked for the lines I’d already done in order to make his decision, which I sent. After nearly 2 days he accepted my custom gig extra. So I finished the project. Now He says no revision could be made to satisfy him and wants his money back. I think he had possibly planned to do this before accepting the gig extra to hold me to my original quote. I did give him the option of canceling but still receiving some of it for free. Plus he asked for the completed work in order to making his decision, meaning he liked it enough to continue. I haven’t had one negative review on this gig, I don’t have tons of orders but usually a few a month. .Would 1 review affect that severely?


What upsets me is that I have no idea if he will use what I sent. Its not like i can have it returned. He says that there is no reason to go back and forth, they can’t use any of it. Because I’ve have been sending rewrites, even multiple options of lines, each with the same response, that they want only to pay for the original quote. I do understand that. But then why did he purchase the gig extra after getting what I had already done if he didn’t like my work?


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By how much was your original quote off? How much money do you stand to lose if you just let it go?


I had never done a project like this before and I had even said as much in my offer, that I was having a hard time coming up with a quote. Because it was much more difficult to do than I had anticipated, it was double my original quote, but I gave him the option to cancel but still would send nearly half of the whole gig I had already done


Can you readjust your original gig price? Is that possible?


Yes you can. Open your gig and click on “Edit”


I mean once a buyer has made a purchase, as a way to resolve this?


Yes you can send him a custom offer as a gig extra on the current order.

Open the order…scroll all the way down to the last message…on the bottom left you will see “Offer more extras”


If you agreed to do something for a certain price then you have to do it.

Simply realizing that it’s more work than you thought and asking for more while the order is still in
progress isn’t the way to do this but if you feel you must then go ahead. But if someone did that to me
I wouldn’t like it.

If I were in your situation I would explain it honestly to the buyer and offer to cancel the entire order as the first option, or also offer the option of going ahead with it and telling him how much more you want. In the future you should be enough of a professional to say how much it will be in the first place, and then deliver it for that price.


@misscrystal: I want to believe this is exactly what I understood from her post. She made a mistake underpricing her work in the first place. As for myself, I’d normally just go ahead with the work (it’s my mistake, not the buyers’!), and then point it out in the delivery. But she gave him the exact two options you stated, and he went with the second. Guess what? He went with the second. Now he wants to renege on all that.

SOLUTION: Visit CS with all available info properly captured as a screenshot(s). Simple!!


I did exactly that miss crystal. … 2 options… To proceed or cancel with the added bonus of sending nearly half of the entire order, which would’ve been for free. I thought that seemed fair, considering it was my mistake after all. He used what I had sent to make his decision to proceed. Now says there isn’t any of it he can use, which I find suspicious. I mean how much difference could there have been? We have agreed to an amount between the original quote and the end quote… Now just have to figure out how to make that happen