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Buyer ordered by mistake

A buyer gives me order suddenly and when I asked for requirements he said that he ordered by mistake. He sent me a request for cancelation but I declined. I wanted to dispute by mutual agreement so I sent him a dispute request again and again. But the buyer does not accept this. If I would accept this it will harmful for my gig. So please help me.

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I am Facing same issue …

now what to do? :frowning::neutral_face:

If you cancel its bad for you.

If you file a dipute its also bad for you.

If you do order and submit files and buyer will not accept and leave nagative review then its more bad for you.

So you are completely in danger.

I give you solution of this problem.
Just contact Customer support and ask them to cancel from his end.

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yes, I already ask for support from Customer support


It’s the nature of the online selling… but sorry to say, it will badly affect for our ratings.

same thing happend to me today… so sad (