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Buyer ordered by mistake!


Hi, I’m working as an android developer. A buyer just now ordered my gig and my requirement question is "I need from every buyer to clarify requirements.
Provide app design resources like logo, Images, background. "

I think that’s clear right? He replied with with just “okey” and started the order. After just a minute from that. He sent a message saying that he ordered by mistake because he is new to Fiverr and he made a dispute to cancel the order!

My question how can someone go with these all steps by mistake!!!

If I cancelled my order. I’ll surly lose my level 2 seller which I just finally got it back last month after a big effort.

I sent him a message “What did you want to order?” But he disappeared.

What should I do. I’m very angry. I don’t want the payment I just want to not lose the level 2 badge again.


Help please…


The only thing I could suggest is to contact Customer Support. Wish you the best of luck!


Hi there

You have to contact customer support so they help you with this issue.



Though it seems very frustrating, but this is new experience for you in new situation. I am also abandoned from being level one seller for 2 order cancellations with mutual disputes from both ends, and this is where I am. Looking forward to gain some orders and upgrade the current situation. :sunny: :sunny:

Ups and downs [:slightly_smiling_face: | :frowning_face:] happens in everyone’s life, whether it is your fault or others. No one can prevent it.


Yes, You are right! Thank you.



Thank you all for your suggestions. Buyer contacted customer support and they cancelled the order without causing me any damage. I didn’t expect that at all.


Nice one. I like that.
Wishing you success all the way.


when CS will see that. buyer has been agreed to cancel this order then order will be cancelled automatically by CS. mistake happens sometime.


Nice ! you took appropriate step