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Buyer Ordered even after we messaged and I said I was NOT interested

Hello Fiverrland,

I am a new seller and I got a message from a potential buyer who wanted me to hold a sign saying something I am not comfortable doing. I responded very nicely to his message saying ‘Thank you but I will have to pass’…may be he is foreign and did not read my message correctly since I wrote Thank you in the response, but I did not want to do anything that would hurt my Fiverr status.

How do I back out of this gig without hurting my ratings, stats and risk a bad review??? I am giving him the benefit of the doubt but he ordered it even though I said I was not interested.

Thank you for your advice!


Hey Kelly,

Just cancel it with a note politely explaining you had said no earlier and will not be able to do the gig.



Hi Kelly,

I would follow the advice the other two sellers suggested, and if the buyer refuses to cancel, simply contact CS. Adult and/or sexually explicit gigs are not allow on Fiverr so if he asked you to do something along those lines Customer Service will for sure back you up.

Good luck hun!

I feel you, I’ve been asked if I could do similar thing, doing things I’m really not comfortable doing. Had buyers who just hit the order button without even talking to me first eventhough I already stated in my gig desc. Stuff I won’t do, when it happens I just request for a mutual cancellation. It’s annoying though because I’m afraid that even mutual cancellation might hurt my level and performance. I’ve rejected so many potential buyers the past months for their requests weren’t something I’d do, also my sales have been dried up and it’s frustrating.

Just say "sorry, if you misunderstood, I can’t help you. I am issuing this cancellation for you to get your refund upon acceptance."

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I wish we could have a “blacklist” of buyers that we could block.

@mystic_insight it happen with me i have done two mutual cancellation and my sales also went from being fantastic to downhill

Never use intelligent words.

stick to basic words when it comes to explaining something .

not everybody has gone to school

When I had to decline orders, I always started with “I’m sorry” or “Unfortunately” rather than “Thank you”. This would set the tone for the message so there was no misunderstanding.

Not that it always worked. There’s always someone trying to get you to do something you can’t/won’t do. :wink:

But it might help to do that or something similar in the future.

Sometimes I might suggest a buyer that he should hire another gig, or someone else.

A shoe company wanted a radio, I explained fashion doesn’t sell well on radio, he asked for advice about his business, gave him 9 tips out of the top of my head, then included my tip gig with some nice words, and I ended up making $8! More than I would have made from writing a radio I didn’t want to write.