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Buyer Ordered Extra Fast Delivery and Requested Something I Don't Offer - Countdown Won't Stop

Hi Guys,

I could use some help on this one. A buyer just placed an order and ordered Extra Fast (1 day) delivery. His requirements describe something that I don’t offer so I requested a mutual cancellation. Typically, after requesting a mutual cancellation, the countdown stops until the buyer responds. This time, however, it has not stopped (perhaps because it’s within 24 hours…idk). Buyer is not responding and I’m afraid that if the timer runs out, it will count as a late delivery.

Any suggestions? I appreciate any advice.


Weird. Try to abort cancellation and cancel again.

No luck.

If it gets near the delivery time, just deliver a hypothetical order and continue trying for mutual cancellation after that.

Lol.Considering that you are a top-rated seller,i dont think i was in position to advise.

It’s a good suggestion and I’ve never experienced this problem before, TRS or not. Thank you for the idea.

Reply to @fawhash: Why not ? We’re not Gods.

I’m out of ideas. You can try to open a support ticket. And hoping that they answer before the time runs out.

Reply to @kay2809: Opened one already. I also just delivered a ‘hypothetical delivery’ to stop the clock and guess what…clock stopped, but it also dropped down to 1 hour 27 minutes 26 seconds left. What the heck kind of glitch is this???

Reply to @greekgeek: This site is full of bugs and glitches right now. I guess that’s the reason they have scheduled another maintenance on Sunday.

Reply to @kay2809: I said so, because you guys have spent much more time here, and have more experience than me.

Reply to @greekgeek: Its my pleasure to be of any help.

Reply to @greekgeek: 1 hour 27 minutes is probably the time you delivered in, not the time left to complete the order… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have “delivered” an empty order no matter what. I would’ve waited for the buyer or support to answer, because what’s the worst that could happen anyway? The timer running out isn’t a big deal, at least in my opinion. Delivering an empty order, on the other hand, is against the TOS and breaking the TOS is one thing I wouldn’t want to do.

Reply to @xpertmarketer: Is delivering empty order against TOS, when seller is facing problem. I mean, he is not trying to deceive the buyer or anything.He is not late on delivery and not trying to escape from late delivery punishment.

Reply to @fawhash: Indeed, it can you get you in a lot of trouble. However, I imagine the OP wouldn’t get in too much bother if he referred customer support to this forum thread.

Reply to @mrproofreading: It’s a new day. Breaking the Terms is the new Terms! :slight_smile: