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Buyer ordered from mutiple seller and choose the best/cheaper one

A buyer contacted me last night about an order in which he wanted a turnaround time of 12hrs. I started immediately and sent the first draft within 2hrs. I sent another one after that, I tried communicating with the buyer several times but the buyer did not respond even though he was online. I submitted the order at the 12hr mark, the buyer as not accepted the order and is still not answering my message. I did some snooping and realize the buyer sent the same order to someone else who is a little cheaper than me, accepted their delivery and gave them a 5 star rating. I am now afraid the buyer will cancel my order or leave a negative review. is their some rule against this?

Once an order is delivered, it is complete, and you are done with that order – unless the buyer asks for unexpected revisions. You stated that the buyer is not responding… then don’t worry about it. The order is complete. The buyer doesn’t need to respond.

If the buyer chooses to leave a negative review, that is his/her choice. There is nothing wrong with a buyer choosing to leave you a review – positive or negative.

Thank you for your feedback. Since it said the order will be marked as complete in three days I thought the buyer could cancel within that three days so thanks for clarifying

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If they try to cancel the order after it’s delivered just refuse to do so since you have completed the work as described. If the quality of work isn’t up to their standards they can then leave a review based off their experience.


I have done the same thing as your buyer has done here. When I do it I don’t even consider cancelling the orders of the work I don’t use for my project. I just like to try a few different people to get some different ideas. Sometimes I get an idea from one part of one seller’s work and then use that with someone else’s work etc. There’s lots of reasons for trying a couple of sellers for one job so don’t worry about it and if the buyer does try something unfair then don’t accept a cancellation.
For reviews, if the seller has done the job properly and fairly I leave 5 stars, even if I don’t use it.