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Buyer ordered in Dutch and I do not know Dutch


Buyer ordered in Dutch and I do not know Dutch.
I contacted fiverr support and they said that I have to cancel the order with him. I sent the request through resolution centre, but he does not get online. He has 1 day left to accept or decline. In case he does not answer what happens? (will it be considered as late delivery and I will lose points?)


Unless he declines the cancellation, it should just get cancelled. ie. it won’t count as late but it will count as a cancellation so will reduce your completion rate (unless you can persuade CS to make it not do so).


But if he never accepts, will that order stay forever there? Locked?


It should say on the cancellation request. I think if he does nothing it will cancel automatically in 3 days. If he declines you’d then have to put in another cancellation request until he doesn’t decline it or contact CS to get it cancelled.


Thank you for the advise :slight_smile:


You may use Google translator. I hope It will be good for you.


dont you consider using google translation?