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Buyer ordered just to cancel the order and damage my order completion rate. What to do?

I had a 5$ order from a buyer requesting for work offered for more then 100$
When i asked him that the services are not covered under basic gig
He said he won’t pay more and just want to cancel saying I didn’t mention it clearly in my gig.

My gig has Fiverr packages that shows clearly what is included under which package

It seems that buyer had an original plan to cancel the order

I’ve contacted Fiverr support to look into the issue and waiting for them to respond about what will happen to my order completion rate or gig placement.

Meanwhile the buyer is threatening me that he’ll leave a very bad review if the order gets late and I won’t cancel it.
Seems like he knew what he was doing and had a plan to damage my reputation from the beginning.

Anyone faced same situation before?
Any suggestions?

It would be wise not to make assumptions. Most buyers are NOT placing orders just to ruin your seller rating. It is more likely that the buyer didn’t read your gig description or packages, and just placed an order, thinking you would do the work he wanted.

It looks like the buyer placed an order for the wrong thing, and didn’t like it when you said no. Why are you fighting this buyer over $5? He clearly ordered the wrong thing. Cancel it and move on.


Not fitting for 5$ but my order completion rate and gig placement.
I know the order will be cancelled and anyways I don’t want to work with the buyer who try to get work done for free

The buyer is a top rated buyer and has complete knowledge of Fiverr platform
He knows he can cancel the order when the order gets late and he knows that negative review do more damage

He’s already violated Fiverr policies by threatening me with a negative review

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Then cancel the order, block the buyer from placing new orders, and move on.


Well I’ve read on form that if Fiverr support cancels the order it will do less damage so I’ll just wait for them to respond.
Don’t you think its a better option ?

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Sorry about that.

Just cancel and move on, better days ahead.

I wish you the very best.

Thanks I’ll cancel the order for sure. Just trying to save the damage cancellation will do.

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Then please send a screenshot of that to customer service (they won’t take the time to read through your messages - so a screen shot will help) and they will cancel the order for you, hopefully without penalty.


Apparently it is not violating fiverr TOS to threaten a negative review. Someone tried that on me and I notified CS and they didn’t do anything except offer to reimburse me if I wanted to cancel and that was appreciated but I didn’t take them up on that. I took the false negative review instead.

I got a positive resolution from Fiverr support
They canceled the order without an inpact on my order completion rate
Plus the buyer got removed from the community i guess coz it says he can no longer be contacted

Please correct me if I misinterpreted anything
I’m new here


Great news! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds correct, I was just about replying “Don’t cancel but tell support he violated ToS and to cancel for you” when reading

but great you got a satisfying solution already!


Thanks. I was so worried by the way buyer was behaving but fiverr support provided a very satisfying resolution

Don’t think too much about just 1 cancellation. once you get more order it will be sealed off

Order already cancelled without any impact on order completion rate by Fiverr support