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Buyer ordered me and went to offline


Last night a buyer ordered me.It was a order for business card.After giving me the order the buyer went offline but he didn’t give me any requirements.Now what should I do?>

I sent a reminder to the buyer.There shows that the order not started.Waiting for info…Now what can I do?He placed me tha order last night 1 AM.

On the other hand in the orders function there is a active order of mine and there shows a option DUE ON 10 hours…what is that?

Did my time start at that time?
Please help.


Did you pressed the button for the order to start without requirements? Because if not, there shouldn’t be a timer on that order.




this is what shows…now without content how I will be able to make a business card?


You can’t. You have to wait for buyer requirements. If you don’t get them in a week, then you can cancel without affecting your rates. :slight_smile:


if I cancel…then it might affect my account…someone told me that


Things change all the time.

From here:

When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.


Thanks for the information.I was tensed


can anyone tell me what is this?!




It is a confusing indication. However in the previous screenshot we can see “order not started”.


then what is this?
i am tensed


I would ignore that. I see that it’s a custom order, so I assume that there must have been some kind of communication before. Any useful information there?


Did you click that green text that says “I have all the information I need.” ?


It’s implausible, the Gig does not show the message “1 order in queue”.


Give the buyer more time. Some people are busy.


yes…I am giving the buyer time but if time passed out?


no…Its just i sent a buyer request and then the buyer placed the order and go to offline


What does it mean custom order?


and I think when a order time starts there shows a time box…but in my case there is nothing…