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Buyer ordered mistakenly

What If Buyer order mistakenly and ask for something to do which is not relevant to my service? How to save my completion rate in that case? So that Order won’t effect the completion rate. ?

Please help me.


You or your buyer can contact to Fiver Customer Support for cancel the order by explaining that buyer placed order mistakenly and the service is not relevant to your gig. Hopefully, Customer Support can help you by cancel the order without affect your order completion rate.

In my experience, it will be better if your buyer contact to them for cancellation.


same situation happens with me after that i tell this to fiverr customer support that buyer requirement is not meet to my service and they cancel the order from their side and also it saved my order completion rate…try this it will work for you


Try to contact the support.


now He has opened a dispute and mentioned there “I ordered Mistakenly” what will happen?

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Sorry, that’s not way I was telling. It should be cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support not by dispute. You can decline it and ask your buyer politely to contact Customer Support directly. Or you can contact to them as well.

Contact CS. Most buyers will not do that for you.


You can contact to Fiver Customer Support.


Exact same thing happened to me.

  1. Contact Support.
  2. Explain buyer placed order by mistake
  3. Support will cancel.
  4. It wont affect your stats. so no problem to your Fiverr profile, or gig impressions or anything.

All good :slight_smile:


Contact to support center. It would be good way I hope. Thanks

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