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Buyer ordered my gig but did not provide instructions


I have a new order but the buyer did not provided any instructions. I’m a level 2 seller but this thing never happened with me.

Should i cancel it from my end or wait for the seller to respond??


Maybe your buyer has been interrupted while placing the order and then forgot to provide the instructions, it happens.

Did you already remind them that you need instructions?
If yes, wait for their reply, and only once you are pretty sure you won´t receive the instructions to do the job before the deadline, either cancel or ask for a time extension (and again for the instructions, of course in that case).
If no, then politely remind the buyer to provide instructions, so you can get the work done for them?


There is a button below. you can click it and let buyer know you didn’t give any instruction.


Yes i have already remind them.
Im waiting for their reply.