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Buyer ordered on my other gig

Hello, I’ve joined Fiverr for about 2 weeks now, and finally someone contacted me saying that they’re interested on my blog writing gig. I immediately messaged them back discussing all the details and how long it would take me to write 2 1000 word SEO blog for them. He agreed, but upon placing the order, the buyer ordered my video editing gig instead.

I’m relatively new, but I’m aware that the ratings/feedback that the buyer would give would reflect on my video editing gig - which is completely unrelated to the project at hand. I felt quite disappointed because I wanted people to review what the actual work was.

So I sent him a custom offer and asked him if he’d like to cancel the prior order. He said:

“No. I already placed the order. Thanks”

I was pretty bummed, but I agreed anyway because this was my very first order. Not an ideal experience, as I would be forced to send a delivery and have a blog post appear on my portfolio for the “video editing” gig. Sucks.

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Don’t worry about it - so long as the buyer has paid the right amount that’s all that matters.

Any cancellation counts against you so it’s just as well you’ve avoided it.

Your blog post won’t appear in your video editing portfolio (or on any other if they’re in text format) - only images and videos show up. If you’re really worried about it, just switch your live portfolio off for the video editing gig before you deliver your order. You can switch it back on when it’s been delivered. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh… okay. Phew. I was very anxious about having my blog post showing up on my video editing gig hahahaha. Thanks for the clarification and advice. Definitely will do that. :slight_smile:


@jikidedel, you’re no longer available !!! :flushed: :astonished:

Have you closed your account or did Fiverr banned you? :fearful: