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Buyer ordered the service by mistake! I NEED YOUR HELP!

Hi Everyone, A buyer ordered my services by mistake and now He sends me the DISPUTE . But this is not my fault and I did not accept the Dispute and tried to contact CS but they are not responding. I want to know that WHY THE CLOCK IS STILL RUNNING?? Its showing i have only 12Hrs left for the order.If i didn’t deliver in 12hrs its going to be late delivery and if i accept the cancellation it will still affect my order completion rate. WHAT SHOULD I DO???



Fiverr can’t force the Buyer to keep the order active. Sadly, the CXL will affect you.
Did you ask the Buyer why he wanted to cancel? Try to get his reasoning to see if you can persuade him to keep the order active (this is where your communication skills come into play). This also leaves a paper trail just in case things go south.


Yes i tried Contacting the buyer 3-4 times but he didn’t respond any of my messages. Also I have delivered his work on his second order but he didn’t come online.

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It sounds like the Buyer is trying to pull a fast one on you. If you completed and delivered the work. It’s up to the Buyer to at least request a revision if you allow them. Fiverr gives Buyers the opportunity to follow up with the Seller. If he is dissatisfied with your work. The fair thing for him to do is to give you a chance to fix it. Any CXL request warrants a legitimate reason. As for CS, they are inundated with tickets, so their response time is slower :turtle: than normal.

How are you feeling, do you want to decline the CXL or CXL and take a hit without a reason?

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Thanks! And I’m Feeling very bad Becz The strange thing is that the buyer is same on my both orders so when he said I want to cancel my 1 order I ordered your service by mistake. First of all, Why did he order my GIG with 2 different accounts??? + buyer’s both accounts name is almost same just a digit change and ***** In one of his account it’s showing he is from PAKISTAN and In his 2nd Account its showing he is from UNITED STATES ****** How is it possible??

I don’t know what to do whatever I do its my loss So I think I will Accept the CXL becz Idk when CS will respond me. If I don’t accept the CXL it’s going to BE LATE DELIVERY.

Anyways Thanks for your Help!

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