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Buyer ordered the wrong gig

I woke up to meet an order placed by a buyer who never asked me questions beforehand or spoke to me, I created the video based on the gig he ordered and the details sent to me. when i submitted the job he asked for a revision asking for things that are not archivable with the gig he offered or the amount he wanted to pay.
on realizing this I tried to explain to him that he ordered the wrong gig and make him offers to show him the right gig to purchase but he refused.
the I told him I was unable to do the job and that he should cancel the gig, he still refused, I reported him to Fiverr, am yet to get a tangible response from them, this night he asked for the gig to be cancelled i agrreed but now it has taken my job completion rate to 50%.
did I do anything wrong? this is so unfair.
this would harm my reputation.
what do I do?
would I get offers in future?
why hasn’t fiverr done anything

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Sorry to hear. This seems a common scam to get the work for free.

If you did the work and did it well to a) the Brief and b) your Portfolio promises, don’t cancel without talking to CS first as all that happens is the client gets the work for free. That may mean that you have to wait 10+ days for a response but if you can show that the client is trying to get work that haven’t/won’t pay for CS will most likely support you. It is a long stressful wait but at least you get paid and another scammer is removed from the pool (until they re-up with a new profile).

Your option now really is just to get your chin up and focus on real buyers, ones without Red Flags.



I recommend you do this yourself right away. Reporting to Fiverr won’t change things anytime soon and also won’t cancel your order.

You can’t do anything unfortunately, unless you hope to force someone to buy something.

The problem is that Fiverr’s rating system is absurdly unfair. I stopped caring about Levels ages ago. Don’t think you need one to sell. You don’t.

Thanks alot, its just so annoying especially for a new seller like me

I reported to CS a day ago.