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Buyer ordered without asking

One buyer ordered my gig without discussing with me to know whether i can do it or not. I cannt do that gig right now. Cancellation obviously affect my credibility. What can i do? :anguished:

Fiverr is based on the idea that the buyer can simply place an order without discussing it with you. If you are too busy to do orders than extend your delivery times to a date in the future when you can complete them. You could also go Out of Office while you are busy.

Yes, a cancellation will affect your stats. But if you are unabel to do the order now then all you can do is ask for a mutual cancellation.


If that means what it says, and you generally can do it, for example with 10 days delivery time, instead of what your gig says, you can try sending your buyer a time extension request through the resolution center.

However, if you generally can do that gig, just not “right now”, you should have paused the gig or edited it to put a longer delivery time, perhaps keep that in mind in future, as Vickie said, buyers can order anytime without discussing with you first, so you should make sure that you only have gigs active that you can do within the delivery time your gigs state.